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Chiao Mei Lin is a Taiwanese American, who grew up in the quaint town of Bel Air, Maryland. She moved to San Francisco in '99, where she immediately fell in love with the city and all of its fascinating intricacies.

She pursues her love of design, photography, art, and travel. While living in San Francisco allows her the opportunity to escape to exotic destinations such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Costa Rica, France, London, Italy, Scotland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand, for her, San Francisco still takes her breath away.

The name "Eve's Orange" originally came from an idea of starting an all girl punk rock band in high school, previously singing for Subsist. With Adam's apple, she figured, Eve should have her own fruit. The name became a store, for a clothing and local artists gallery in Chinatown, San Francisco. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to dedicate her time to help promote artists, designers, performers, and musicians alike.

Her current focus is journalistic, documentary, and fine art photography within her travels locally and abroad.

Evesorange Photography
San Francisco, CA
chiaomei at gmail.com


Past Events

Mighty, photo show & live painting www.phoneticontrol.com & www.tomatopower.com '07

Group show @ 111 Minna '08

Red Devil Lounge, Fashion Show

Solo Photography Exhibition @ 550 Bryant

My Movement moved to the Element Lounge, Solo exhibition '09

Group Show @ 111 Minna

Solo photography exhibition @ Cowboys & Angels

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